Our major strength geographically is in Ghana where we are located, well connected, understand how to do business and are capable of making the deal happen or best advice you on what to do.

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We serve as your human resource expertise in helping you save a lot of money, time and reputational damage.

Our Services Includes;

  • Business development
  • Business Opportunity validation
  • Client management
  • Staff hosting and facilitation
  • Media Buying & Advertisement
  • Arts & Tourism Packages
  • Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics Consultancy
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Business development

There is a hand full of clients in each country that must have your product or service but you have not had time to reach out to them yet. You are aware that your competitors won the contract last year but you have a better offer at an even better price but of course you do not have the time or resources to peruse this “low hanging fruits”. Let Brewzone help you win more NEW business so that your company can grow profitably.

Business Opportunity validation

Have you received an enquiry from a potential customer in Ghana or West Africa but you are not sure if it’s a serious enquiry? Maybe you cannot get hold of the potential client who made that enquiry? Or have you come across a tender that you are potentially interested in exploring further? Let Brewzone Africa validate this opportunity and help you get the right decision makers to deal with.

Client management

Do you have a customer in Ghana that you feel is neglected or not having as much attention as you would ideally like because of their location?  Perhaps you believe with a little bit more attention you can grow the account? Let Brewzone Africa`s professionals help you turn this customer into a happy profitable one.

Staff hosting and facilitation

Are you planning a business trip to Ghana? Let Brewzone do all the ground works for you prior and during your visit so that you can make your business trip very productive, safe and effective.

Media Buying & Advertisement

We cultivate ideas, cutting edge, marketing communication ideas, modern film/television and event production ideas. we have the zeal to positively impact and steer the affairs of the audio-visual & events industry in Ghana. We have a track record in public education, sensitization and awareness-raising campaigns through our broadcast productions. Our understanding of the production scene, the strengths of each facility including crew, helps to harness only the best for each assignment. What we can do for you includes; Concepts/Script Development, Film/Video Production, Production Management, Audio Production and Event Production.

Arts & tourism

We are a dependable team that creates a unigue African and socially responsible travel experience with the sole aim of providing services beyond client and industry expectations. Our vision is to be the leading destination marketing company, providing quality, creative, innovative, competitive and socially responsible services in leisure and business tourism in Africa. Brewzone Africa provides exciting tour services which includes but not limited to; General Tours, Family Tours, Honey Moon Tours, Student Tours, Company Tours, Special Themed Tours.

Procurement & Logistics Management

Our business is to expand and help your Business grow in Africa. We have a team of procurement and supply chain management experts to assist you take off your headaches away. 

Other Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

We partner with corporate institutions, diplomatic missions, foreign direct investors and high net-worth individuals in society to provide some level of social intentions to support deprived communities in Ghana through the following projects; Health, Education, Sports, Entertainment and Capacity Building.